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June 20-23, 2019
All classes start at 8AM and end at 5PM (includes two breaks plus lunch)


Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center
Special rate for ITRG attendees only $139 (single) and $149 (double) per night


Advanced Electrical Training (AET) is $1,299 per technician
Shop Owner Training is $599
Service Advisor Training is $1,299


We’re proud to announce our June 2019 Tradeshow and Training Conference in Denver. Join us and get hands-on training from top technicians. Master the latest technology and developments in business systems. And, of course, get together and learn from your industry peers and colleagues. Learn more about each course and register below!

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Shop Owner Training

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Friday Classes

Facebook Marketing for Hiring Technicians

Instructor Chris Lawson
  • How to find A-Techs, build a 5-star reputation and get more customers with social media.

Why Shop Management Alliance and the type of training we offer to owners

Instructor Nick Rahakönen
  • Blending employee capabilities, personalities, mutual expectations and goals to assure team productivity.

Saturday Classes

Understanding the Value of your Business

Instructor Terry Lammers
  • Are you bankable?

How to Become More Bankable and Merger/Acquisitions

Instructor Terry Lammers
  • Understanding the Buy side and Sell side for your company.

Why there is no shortage of technicians?

Instructor George Arrants
  • What has changed and how to meet the challenges.

Suppliers Selling into the ITRG Network

Instructor John J. Stoeckinger
  • Review national programs.

Sunday Classes

Networking with Shop Owners

Instructor John J. Stoeckinger
  • An open discussion on issues/concerns/opportunities with your peers.


Instructor John J. Stoeckinger / Robert (Buck) Monson
  • National Parts Programs: A Review of the Programs from ITRG to the owners and a Look at what other programs to pursue
  • A Presentation on the Short Term and Long Term direction of the Company
  • A Presentation on the Short Term and Long Term direction with a Focus on Membership Benefits

Shop Owner Training

Three day training course instructed by industry leaders. Register your entire team! Course costs $599 per attendee.


Service Advisor Training

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Friday Classes

Instructors Nick Rahakönen / Shawn Gilfillan / Chris Lawson / Robert (Buck) Monson

Your Job as a Service Advisor

  • What differentiates a great Service Advisor and shop from a mediocre one
  • It Starts with Why (Golden Circle etc.)
  • Importance of Training & Education as a Service Advisor
  • Importance of Systematizing the Sales Process

Setting Goals and Knowing the Score

  • Service versus Sales
  • Goals & Knowing the Score
  • Internal and External Locus of Control
  • Statistics Management
  • Setting Quotas

Saturday Classes

Instructors Nick Rahakönen / Shawn Gilfillan / Chris Lawson / Robert (Buck) Monson

Getting Customers into the Shop

  • Learn how to move your potential customers to action by maximizing marketing/ information tools. Put innovative and time-proven methods to work to grow your bottom line.

The Workflow Process

  • How to move every ticket from inspection to estimate to job ticket, shop and back in world class time. Accelerate your productivity!

Vehicle Inspections & Building Estimates

  • How to posture your sales process (including establishing the customer's goal with the vehicle and etc.)

Presenting an Estimate

  • Educating your estimators to gather customer information, formulate a comprehensive quote and turn that quote into money for your shop.

Sunday Classes

Instructors Nick Rahakönen / Shawn Gilfillan / Chris Lawson / Robert (Buck) Monson

Outside Sales

  • Acquiring new accounts
  • Managing existing accounts

Quality Control & The Final Product

  • Quality control and customer satisfaction
  • Customer follow-ups

"Round table" Discussion

  • Q and A with experienced shop owners to address specific areas of concern

Applying the Information

  • Specific Marching orders (home work) on what to do when the attendees return to their businesses. (4-6 week action plan)

Service Advisor Training

Three day training course instructed by industry leaders. Register your entire team! Course costs $1,299 per attendee.


Advanced Electrical Training

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Instructor Keith Littleton
  • This three-day course covers advanced diagnostic techniques of computer controlled systems and is intended for experienced technicians. This high level course will provide the technician with the skills to identify between mechanical and electrical failures and isolate circuit faults. The course will cover waveform analysis and system diagnostics using an oscilloscope, DVOM and a scan tool for retrieving and interpreting data to look at all aspects of the circuit. This course also addresses the diagnosis of chassis electrical systems and advanced electrical concepts. Through the examination of electrical wiring diagrams and hands-on vehicle testing, the technician becomes familiar with electrical diagnosis at the intermediate and some advanced level techniques. The course concentrates on all common circuit failures such as opens, shorts, high resistance/unwanted voltage drops, and identification of component issues, which result in customer complaints and incomplete repairs.

Friday Classes

Advanced Electrical Part 1

  • Read and Interpret electrical wiring diagrams for troubleshooting
  • Identify between electrical and mechanical faults
  • Interpret Scan tool data to determine necessary action

Electrical Diagnosis Part 1

  • Demonstrate proper use of a DVOM/Oscilloscope to retrieve raw data
  • Read and Interpret waveform patterns to determine necessary action

Saturday Classes

Advanced Electrical Part 2

  • Demonstrate advanced diagnostic techniques using sensor simulation
  • Use various test equipment to gather raw data to determine root cause
  • Diagnose and repair all signals and component concerns using an oscilloscope

Electrical Diagnosis Part 2

  • Read and Interpret electrical wiring diagrams for troubleshooting
  • Perform diagnostic routines to determine fault location

Sunday Classes

Advanced Electrical Part 3

  • Diagnose and repair communication(J1939)/computer controlled circuitry
  • Demonstrate knowledge of HD-OBD system operation/diagnostics

Electrical Diagnosis Part 3

  • Diagnose and repair all types of circuit failures

Advanced Electrical Training

Three day training course instructed by industry leaders. Register your entire team! Course costs $1,299 per attendee.



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