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Ever feel like your shop could do better if you just had a roadmap to follow?

We are making it simple and easy to find the staff you need anywhere in the US.

We Are a New Trade Organization for Independent Truck Repair, Tow, and Recovery Shops

ITRG is a powerful network of successful shop owners aligned to promote the business interests of the heavy duty repair industry. Our mission is simple: We help Independent Truck Repair, Tow, and Recovery Shop Owners build thriving, profitable businesses.

Get top quality training for your team, access networking and consulting opportunities for business growth and management insights, and harness increased purchasing power to boost profitability.

The Pillars of ITRG

Gain an Advocate and an Advantage With the Independent Truck Repair Group


World-class training by industry leaders. Advanced Electrical, HVAC, and Wheel-End & Foundation Brake.

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Instantly increase purchasing power by unlocking access to 200,000+ top quality truck and trailer parts.

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Learn the mindsets and strategies of successful shop owners and live the lifestyle you deserve.

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What is ITRG training?
Digital marketing & SEO training!

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Every membership begins with our business performance audit. We identify and empower you with the tools to seize on the opportunities that will make your shop more efficient while increasing positive cash flow.

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Annual Membership
$1,999/ yr.
  • Includes Business Performance Audit!
  • Member network access
  • Parts Program access to 200,000 top parts
  • Access exclusive add-ons like TechTalk support
  • Discounted training events
  • And much more!

What They're Saying

"The best (electrical) training I’ve been to in 20 years. All 3 trainers were amazing! Networking with other shops was phenomenal. We were a bit skeptical, but ITRG made us believers."

Evan Lang

Evan Lang

Owner of ELM Repair

"I learned more in an hour and a half than I did in my two years at tech school. Just fantastic."

ITRG Tech Trainee

ITRG Tech Trainee

Denver 2019

"Making a presentation to owners with a passion for their business was a refreshing experience. Their enthusiasm drove my creative for their jingle, radio and on hold projects. I’m spoiled now. They sincerely appreciated the rates provided through ITRG."

Terry Loder

Terry Loder

Terry Loder Creative

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Gain an advocate and an advantage with the Independent Truck Repair Group.

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