Group Insurance Programs

Workers' Comp & Claims

Aggressive investigation and claims handling, and 24/7 access to medical professionals, we do everything necessary to keep costs down.

Reliable, Trustworthy Coverage

A rated paper. Multiple insurance Partners to ensure the right fit and the right price.

Aggressive Investigation & Claims Handling

Internal claims managers dedicated to each client. Reduce fraud, get employees back to work and close claims quickly.

Improved Cash Flow

Pay as you go model. No down payment.

All Inclusive Health Plan

Designed with both Employers and Employees in mind.

Employee Wellness

24/7 access to care. Member support to ensure efficient experience creating and managing appointments. Access to holistic healthcare, inclusive of urgent, primary and behavioral care.

Control Cost

Avoid unnecessary ER & Urgent Care visits. Control prescription cost. Lower expected claims cost which keep down medical premiums. Lower average cost per visit. Gain efficiency through supported healthcare navigation.

All Inclusive

Primary Care, Urgent Care, Hospitalization, Mental Health, Behavioral Care, Specialty Care, and RX & Lab Management.

Benefit Offerings

Compete in tough hiring pools with customized benefits offerings.

For Your Business

Customized healthcare solutions for your company’s specific needs. Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage options. Multiple PPO options with varying levels of deductible to fit the needs of each employee. Choices for your employees to allow you to attract and retain talent.

For Your Employees

Low maximum out of pocket limits. Health Savings Accounts to pay for first dollar costs. Telemedicine to conveniently access medical providers. Open provider networks – no need to change physicians. Flexible prescription plans with choices – generic or preferred brands. No cost wellness exams.

Enrollment & Administration

Easy Online enrollment processing integrated with payroll system. Mobile or desktop ready. Payroll Deductions, ACA Reporting, and COBRA Administration.

Payroll Services

Fast, easy and accurate way to execute your payroll on time, every time.

Fast & Efficient

Stay focused on your business while quickly and easily managing payroll. Payroll data is automatically integrated with other HR Cloud modules, so you never have to rekey from one system to another. Quickly review timesheets, process, and even see payroll status in real-time.

Fully Integrated Timekeeping

State of the art mobile timekeeping with GPS tracking for validation. Submit leave requests & view benefit balances. Cross-platform functionality - Android, Blackberry*, iPhone, Windows. Multiple standalone biometric or proximity time and attendance readers available.

Safe & Secure

Access to payroll data is granted to individuals in your organization as needed. Control what specific data, fields and reports everyone can see. Everything is safe, and your team only sees the data they need.

Hiring and Onboarding

Find qualified candidates, assess skills, and streamline communication so you can quickly and efficiently hire and onboard the right talent.

Automated Job Postings

Post jobs your website career portal plus job boards and social media like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Facebook with a single click.

Custom Screening Questions

Score and rank candidates as they apply. Automatically screen out candidates that don’t meet minimum qualifications.

Candidate Communication

Improve engagement and time-to-hire by communicating with candidates through automated email messages and SMS texting.

Tag & Keyword Matching

Automatically review and filter resumes for keywords and skills that match your jobs’ requirements.

Easy To Use Interface

The Onboarding Portal offers a modern, easy-to-use interface that works across smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Simple Intuitive Design

With quick access to favorites, your HR support team and your employees, everything you need is right in front of you.

Secure & Consistent

All forms and documents associated with Onboarding are securely tracked and stored. Digital signatures can be easily captured for complete and auditable records. Improves consistency while saving time and reducing errors.

Safety & Loss Control

Committed to helping clients analyze existing safety practices and implementing changes to reduce injury and risk.

Program Assessment & Development

Policy and procedure review. Recommendations, program samples & customizations. Best practices risk management program.

30 Day Full On-Site Assesment & Quarterly Risk Reviews

Onsite Review and Detailed Documentation. Site Photos. Planning & Preparation. Ongoing Safety Plan Maintenance. Action Items Tracked and Confirmed. WC Loss Run Reviews. DOT/CSA Score Trends. Service Offering Discussions.

Risk Assessment, Analysis, and Loss Review

On-site inspections. Statistical reports to eliminate physical hazards and unsafe behaviors. Improvement recommendations based on claims cost history analysis and identification of accident trends. Plans to prevent future loss.

Our National Network Is Outside the Rules of Obamacare

At ITRG, we are able to leverage our national clout and negotiate aggressively with carriers to get the very best rates available for our members.

Insurance premiums are one of your biggest recurring expenses, let us show you how to save money on your policies and add that savings directly to your bottom line.

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